Less Than Scratch

March 29, 2009, 7:59 pm
Filed under: Impact

I recently took a lesson from Chris Guillebeau and decided to come up with a “Life List” of sorts. One small tenet of that list is to have something to say and not to be afraid to say it. So here I am, saying… something? I’m not exactly sure what I want the purpose or voice of this blog to be. The name “Less Than Scratch” stems from ambitions of writing a personal finance blog. My concept was that I’m out of school and beginning to master my finances from scratch, with no savings or substantive income of which to speak. The ‘less’ part of the name comes from my nearly $80,000 in student loan debt. So I’m not even starting from scratch with $0; I’m already at less than that by being in the negative.

However this blog turns out, I’ll let it develop organically. I’ve got many things on my mind, from training for a marathon, to trying to find a job in the worst economy of my lifetime thus far, to the fields of science known as complexity and artificial life, to considering going back to school this fall. I also hope to use this blog as a tool to make myself a better writer and to work on commitments. I’ve never been terribly good at sticking with things, but the past two years have been years of change, so I’m hoping to continue the trend by changing that habit.

I also have small hopes that this blog will serve as a sort of newsletter to send home to family and friends. I’ve recently moved away from most of them and would like to keep in better contact. Hopefully I’ll feel more connected to everyone back home.

I do have my hesitations. For one, I have never liked writing because it tends to make permanent thoughts or feelings that are often fleeting. Especially for particularly strong emotions, usually by the next day the feeling is gone and the writing is moot. I hope to overcome that nagging thought. Also, I’ve always felt that it was arrogant of me to assume I had something worthwhile to say, something that other people needed to hear. This isn’t to say that’s how I feel about all bloggers–there are many out there that I’m very grateful for. This feeling is one about myself. I hope to overcome this as well. I won’t demand an audience, but will feel happy if one develops that likes or is entertained by what they read.

So if you’ve made it through all of that and are still here, thanks. I hope you’ll stick around and find some enjoyment out of my meanderings. I can’t promise what the future will hold, only that it will be there and might provide some sort of value.